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“You Stay Connected - fast!” For decades, traditional telecommunications conglomerate in the country have held a semi-monopolistic grip on the industry. “The most expensive internet rate and the slowest in Asia.”

But a new player has entered the market and we are here to revolutionize the game. NCNi is here to provide you with an alternative industry-grade service on par with global networks at a fraction of the existing rates. From stable high-speed bandwidths to top tier protection, NCNi is here to provide you with consistent reliable and fast internet service. Noble Comms Network, Inc. guarantees powerful connectivity, strict network monitoring and ironclad security for your business demands.

Be a part of a revolution in technology now! Our company, Noble Comms Network, Inc. (NOBLECOMMS), is a newly licensed Philippines telecommunications company and is duly authorized to construct, install, operate and maintain telecom networks throughout the Central and Northern Luzon, Philippines. NOBLECOMMS is an authorized reseller of Bandwidth (with an NTC VAS License) by Japanese Type 1 international telecommunications carrier. Our skilled team covers the laying down of fiber backbone links to the distribution of internet service until the customer is pleased.

Who We Are

We are Noble Comms Network, Inc. We are proud to announce ourselves as the newest telecommunications player in the market for the Central and Northern Luzon Area, unsullied by the bureaucracy of the existing oligopoly.

Our key people have been in the business of Information and Communications Technology as well as supporting fields for decades and we are confident in our proficiency in the telecommunications field to provide you with fast and low-cost connectivity.

Our core management have more than half a century of accumulated general experience in the industries of ICT, BPO, Law, Energy Efficiency Utilization and telecommunications. Advanced technology and excellent service have always been in our veins.

Advocacy in Your Connectivity

Noble Comms Network, Inc. is the newest addition to the growing network of “Noble Organizations” in the city. Alongside Noble Trends Unbound Call and Service Center, NTU Foundation, and their multitude of partners, Noble Comms Network, Inc. would, on top of its guaranteed excellent connectivity service, be instrumental in a large-scale community responsibility centerd on the social development of the Filipino people. By choosing us, you have supported the campaign to nourish communities and end hunger in the country.

Our Vision

To be the instrument of change in the telecommunications industry whose focus on dedicated global level service with fast internet experience at cheaper the cost.

Our Mission

Streamline the delivery of fast internet service with our innovative product lines and the continued focus on a better customer experience.

Our Values

Customer First – Our priority is to provide our clients needs above anything else.

Quality – To provide global industry standard service is the cornerstone and building block for the future of NOBLECOMMS delivery of fast internet experience.

Teamwork – The people behind the delivery of fast and reliable internet service works like the human body – seamless in both colleagues and customers.

Safety – Before any undertaking, the safety of the people involved and the materials needed are taken seriously.


Fiber Optic Transmission

Optical fibers have largely replaced copper wire communications in core networks in the developed world, because of its advantages over electrical transmission. Here are the main advantages of fiber optic transmission.

Extremely High Bandwidth

No other cable-based data transmission medium offers the bandwidth that fiber does. The volume of data that fiber optic cables transmit per unit time is far great than copper cables.

Longer Distance

In fiber optic transmission, optical cables are capable of providing low power loss, which enables signals can be transmitted to a longer distance than copper cables.

Resistance to Electromagnetic Interference

Fiber has a very low rate of bit error (10 EXP-13), as a result of fiber being so resistant to electromagnetic interference. Fiber optic transmission is virtually noise free.

Low Security Risk

Data or signals are transmitted via light in fiber optic transmission. Therefore there is no way to detect the data being transmitted by "listening in" to the electromagnetic energy "leaking" through the cable, which ensures the absolute security of information transmission.

Small Size

Fiber optic cable has a very small diameter. Small size saves more space in fiber optic transmission.



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